How I got ripped off by US Fidelis

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US Fidelis, the biggest scam going. I could have avoided this by checking into the company better.

If I knew that the owner was a felon I would not have signed up.

After paying $1500.00 my car developed an engine problem. US Fidelis then requested a copy of all my maintenance records for almost two years. After sending this information to them there was no response. I then contacted them and of course was told that they didn't receive anything.

I sent them again and once again no response. I contacted them again and was now told that I had to bring the car to a shop, have the engine taken apart and diagnosed. Then they would decide if they would cover it or not.

These people are *** artists.

Avoid them.

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US Fidelis - U.S.Fidelis is the biggest rip-off!!!

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Due to the fact that my husband and I are on Social Security and own a 12 yr.old car in great shape, we decided to protect our interest with this company.

First off they didn't want to cover my car for a repair when I took it to the dealership, then they wanted me to pay for the over pricing of a window motor, plus my $50 deductible, then they wouldn't cover a blown head gasket, but when I contacted them, I discovered that they are now in BANKRUPTCY! But after filing for chapter11, they continued to extract their payments from my checking acct! I'm not a lawyer, but I think that is illegal. I have since cancelled my acct.

but will have to ptetition the courts for my refund!I am PISSED!

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