US Fidelis - Will not stop calling me!!

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These people need to walk out in front of busy traffic so they cannot contaminate the rest of the world.Every time they call me (which is ALL the time), they tell me that my car's warranty is about to expire even though I have not owned it for several years.

I ask them where they are calling from, what company, etc. and they hang up on me every single time. I've tried to be nice, I've been rude, you name it. And they STILL keep calling me.

"Press 2 to have your name removed". Yeah, that doesn't work either. They are scam artists who pretend to be with the dealership, car manufacturer, etc.

They call from fake numbers with local area codes.I would love nothing more than to find out their real number.

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How I got ripped off by US Fidelis

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US Fidelis, the biggest scam going. I could have avoided this by checking into the company better.

If I knew that the owner was a felon I would not have signed up.

After paying $1500.00 my car developed an engine problem. US Fidelis then requested a copy of all my maintenance records for almost two years. After sending this information to them there was no response. I then contacted them and of course was told that they didn't receive anything.

I sent them again and once again no response. I contacted them again and was now told that I had to bring the car to a shop, have the engine taken apart and diagnosed. Then they would decide if they would cover it or not.

These people are *** artists.

Avoid them.

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US Fidelis - U.S.Fidelis is the biggest rip-off!!!

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Due to the fact that my husband and I are on Social Security and own a 12 yr.old car in great shape, we decided to protect our interest with this company.

First off they didn't want to cover my car for a repair when I took it to the dealership, then they wanted me to pay for the over pricing of a window motor, plus my $50 deductible, then they wouldn't cover a blown head gasket, but when I contacted them, I discovered that they are now in BANKRUPTCY! But after filing for chapter11, they continued to extract their payments from my checking acct! I'm not a lawyer, but I think that is illegal. I have since cancelled my acct.

but will have to ptetition the courts for my refund!I am PISSED!

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